Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides
The theme of choosing Vietnamese brides for wives to Western men is no longer new in the world. Why is this happening? Their local females do not do chores and housekeeping at all, stop caring about their appearance. Love, in their opinion, is no longer fashionable. Agree, not everyone, even the most loving man, can stand it.

There is a saying that the ideal wife combines the qualities of a French mistress, an English butler, a Chinese cook, and a Japanese pedant. It is this set of qualities that most Vietnamese wives can boast of. Let’s find out more about the outstanding qualities of these girls and why they are so popular among the most enviable grooms of the world.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Women

Did you know that the wealthy suitors of Taiwan, Beijing, and Hong Kong simply made a pilgrimage to get a beautiful Vietnamese wife? Besides, it is beneficial for them (countries are nearby), and they also receive the ideal Vietnamese woman whom they are proud of and admiration of friends and business partners is caused. So what is so special about them?

Unearthly Beauty

The doll appearance of Vietnamese females simply haunts men. It is believed that Vietnamese girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. This is confirmed not only by numerous sociological surveys of men of different nationalities, occupations, and status but also by the statistics of prizes in world beauty contests.

Vietnamese women are the owners of regular and even perfect facial features, porcelain pale skin without any external flaws. Their black, almond-shaped eyes in the frame of thick black eyebrows and eyelashes are remembered forever. Shiny thick dark hair is imprinted in memory for a long time as if a mural of your choice. This image has long been a phenomenon and therefore fascinates men even more.

Vietnamese Women

The gracefulness of the Vietnamese mail order brides is also worth noting. Vietnamese brides are all of the small stature and fragile physique. As you know, young Vietnamese women are very attractive on their own, and when combined with a special beauty, they just become “hot cakes”. Of course, men first pay attention to appearance. And in the case of Vietnamese women – this is a 100% hit.

Kind Hearts

There are many funny stories about how a man meets a stunning girl at night, and then she washed in the morning and turns into someone completely different. This joke is not about Vietnamese ladies. The fact is that nature has ordered that these Vietnamese girls are more than endowed with a set of such appearance characteristics that many Western girls have to dream of. A lot of money is spent on maintaining the desired hair color, desired eyebrow shape, and eyelash density. Many even whiten the skin of the face, make many cosmetic procedures to smooth and tighten it. Beautiful Vietnamese brides are not aware of this. Vietnamese brides look equally good at night and day, remaining ideal even with age.

Many Vietnamese girls tend to buy expensive outfits to look catchy and fashionable. Vietnamese mail-order brides even in ordinary casual clothes of inexpensive brands are always stunning. Vietnamese brides succeed easily because they are distinguished by a special posture, easy gait, proudly raised head, and a pleasant smile.

Anyone will envy their optimism. It will decorate your grayest day and will cheer you up when it would seem, nothing can lift it. Such a woman will come to the rescue in any situation.

Loyal Character

Also, Vietnamese mail order wives are distinguished by a special character. Modesty is the quality that can be said immediately, at first glance at the girl. She is docile and quiet, never argues with her fiance or husband. Vietnamese bride knows she is beautiful but she is still embarrassed by compliments. The fact is that she is not used to increased attention to herself in her country. Local men do not consider it necessary to praise and appreciate their girlfriends.

Family as a Priority

Vietnamese wife is one of the most loyal in the world. Cheating, flirting with other men and divorce is out of the question. Local girls are brought up so that the choice of a husband in their life should occur only one time. Subsequently, having made a choice, Vietnamese woman works hard to develop and maintain good relationships in the family. If you are not a fan of Italian passions and high-profile showdown, then this marriage will be your best deal in life.

Singles from Vietnam always adhere to traditional gender stereotypes. The husband for such a girl is an ideal that she is ready to worship all her life. Ever since birth, Vietnamese girl is brought up to be an ideal wife and mother. It can work somewhere but if it takes a lot of effort and energy, and she will have to devote less time to the family, the work will be finished. Vietnamese brides love to be housewives but if circumstances so require, the girl will be ready to participate in the replenishment of the family budget and work as much as she can.

In this country, there are absolutely no prerequisites for the development of feminist sentiments. Here it simply does not take root. Local Vietnamese women like to please her husband, raise children, and enjoy simple everyday things. They are not careerists and do not want to occupy leading positions in large corporations, although many of them have a good education and a desire to make money. But the only family is what every Vietnamese woman at any age strives for.

Why Do Vietnamese Brides Want to Find a Foreign Husband?

It should be noted right away that Vietnam is a very poor but patriarchal country. In some regions, there are still traditions of contractual marriages. The bride’s family agrees on everything with the groom’s family. But the guy and his relatives are usually required to pay all the costs of the wedding, as well as gifts for the bride’s family and the girl herself. For Vietnam, this is a lot of money and not every man can afford it. Although in terms of total spending on all activities and associated costs are unlikely to exceed $ 1,000.

This situation, as well as the lack of prospects in his native country, puts Vietnamese single ladies in search of foreigners. Girls try to solve several pressing issues with their help:

  • Find a worthy and faithful husband whom she can love all her life.
  • Ensure a comfortable life for herself and her children in own or husband’s country.
  • Learn new things about the world, be able to travel.

Best Sites to Date Vietnamese Brides

A few decades ago, professional matchmakers were engaged in the selection of grooms for the girls of Vietnam. The case was put on stream in such a way that these people promised their potential customers an express result in 2-3 months. Brides were preparing for a meeting with potential husbands – they learned to take care of themselves and adopted good manners. The matchmaker promised to replace the bride with herself if she escapes.

Now dating Vietnamese girls is much easier and could happen without any “broker”. For this, there are special Vietnamese brides services on the Internet that are convenient to use anywhere in the world. We recommend the following three.

This is the best place to find a Vietnamese mail order bride. The resource has several significant advantages at once: free registration, a wide selection of girls from Vietnam, and guaranteed security.

Immediately after registering, you can start chatting with girls of any age. The selection of the interlocutor is carried out independently or using the advanced search. At your service – 24/7 technical support. Payment for the Vietnamese site’s services credits, the movement of which you can track in your account.

Do you want to meet a good girl? If yes, then Valentime is all you need. The resource focuses on user security, therefore, each account is subject to careful verification and encoding, and data is encrypted.

Signup here takes only a few minutes. After that, you immediately get the opportunity to view Vietnamese girls. A convenient messenger and the ability to make video calls make your communication easier. All services are legit.

This is one more convenient online service for dating. People are also looking for a serious relationship here, so the Vietnamese site is made as convenient as possible for this. It is not overloaded with unnecessary advertising, all the important buttons and functions are highlighted in contrast. Registration on the Vietnamese site is fast and free.

After logging in, you can fill out your profile or do it later. The main thing is to replenish the balance of credits to start communication right now.

Tips for Dating a Vietnamese Girl

If you don’t know how to date Vietnamese brides, just follow our simple advice:

Take the first step in everything. Do not expect the initiative from the girl. We have already talked about their modesty and shyness.

Being a gentleman is a good habit. Take care of your neat appearance, prepare a souvenir and a cute bouquet. Do not forget to call and write to her. Vietnamese bride will notice these little things and will not forget this.

Introduce her to your loved ones. For her, this is a very serious step. So you show her how much you value her and show the seriousness of your intentions.

Take your time with kisses and sex. The first date is not a good reason for that.

Try to be honest, answer all her questions. Believe it, they will not be complicated and not provocative. Your openness will give her confidence in you.

Talk about her interests and hobbies, try to reveal her, Vietnamese woman will never forget it.


To be happy does not need much. A little information and a gadget with access to the Internet will help change your life!

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