VietnamCupid Review

VietnamCupid Review
A plethora of dating platforms and matrimonial services are awaiting for singles. The owners of such services are trying to convince us that only their products can help with connecting two hearts craving for love. But as we all know, if there is a demand, there is a supply. And if the demand is huge, as in the case of the dating sites, the supply meets this demand to the fullest.

But the supply is not always the best, especially when the demand is so high. Most men and women are used to starting accounts on dating apps and to detect potential candidates for a date. It is easy, quick, and a lot less stressful than the classical way of meeting other singles. But you, as a single looking for love (for marriage, casual dating, friendship – choose the best answer), expect the best results. And not all the apps grant them. Well, they grant but they don’t keep the promise.

When trying to meet a soulmate in a different country, it’s even more crucial to benefit from a proper and legitimate app. In this VietnamCupid review, you will gain a better picture about how VietnamCupid is operating, is it beneficial for you as a consumer, and what are other aspects which you need to recognize before you start exploiting the available on the site options. Keep reading the review to learn more about the site and find out which VietnamCupid reviews are right: negative reviews or positive reviews. Before you start a page on VietnamCupid, analyze advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons


  • An immense community.
  • Singles are active.
  • Icebreaker options – it’s easier to start conversations.
  • Complex matchmaking system and the searching tool.
  • You can contact Premium members as a Free user.
  • Inbuilt translation services.


  • Automated messages from users.
  • Fake accounts.
  • The Premium account can be blocked.

VietnamCupid SearchAbout VietnamCupid

You might feel like VietnamCupid is familiar to you. Most likely, this is true, you have heard about the owners of VietnamCupid and read many positive reviews. The site is owned by a company that has a huge network of similar sites all of them having good reviews. They are similar since in the name you will always find the word “Cupid”. But those services are dedicated to different groups of people. For instance, VietnamCupid caters to the interests of Vietnamese singles and people who are not against international dating. Keep reading the VietnamCupid review to learn more.

You can find information on their page that VietnamCupid is very popular amongst males and females in Vietnam, but the truth is that it is more focused on international relationships. You can find reviews of its users on the Internet, there are plenty of both: positive reviews and negative reviews. As you know, in most countries ladies sometimes feel attracted to foreign men, and vice versa, men find women from other countries very appealing and are looking for foreign girlfriends. VietnamCupid allows women from Vietnam to meet western men. Keep reading the VietnamCupid review to learn more.

Easy to Use

It’s great that VietnamCupid caters to the interests of users who haven’t upgraded their membership to Golden status. They allow users without a VietnamCupid membership to contact Premium singles. You can also enjoy the VietnamCupid searching tool for free, even the advanced ones. It has a basic searching tool that is rarely used by those who are longing to encounter real love. And the advanced search is very precise and has dozens of filters for you to aid. dating site has a rather vast network of potential candidates, and it is usually used as an international platform. You should recognize that most ladies from Vietnam are willing to meet white guys, but only if they fit their personalities. It’s a great possibility for western men to start dating Vietnamese women. And depending on your intentions (serious dating, casual meet-ups), you can use filters and meet the lady on VietnamCupid who will fit your views and preferences.

The problem is that some real people who were trying to use VietnamCupid complain about the site. You can find numerous dating site reviews on different comment websites, and some of them are not inspiring. Personal observations of online dating site, and those comments from the Internet show that there are several huge disadvantages of VietnamCupid:

Why VietnamCupid?

Some disadvantages are ruining the positive experience of using VietnamCupid and cause many negative VietnamCupid reviews. About the automated messages – users receive emails from real users while they were not sending these messages. Most likely these profiles were created by the administration and when new users appear on the website, they get these messages from male or female accounts. Many users’ reviews prove this. It’s an attraction that is supposed to show that the VietnamCupid community is active and you are a wanted user.

Dating site VietnamCupid has some fake accounts due to the comments of people who were using the site. It’s difficult to say whether it’s the truth or not, you can only verify on your own by communicating with a beautiful lady or handsome guy, and then to suggest to meet in real life. If the user is not against it and you meet, then the answer is obvious. In this VietnamCupid review, we were trying to find the truth about the site.

And some people report that their accounts were blocked even though they have paid for the upgrade of the profile from ordinary to Premium. But it is worthwhile to mention that the representatives of the Cupid network are trying to solve such problems. A review of shows that the platform is 7 out of 10.


The VietnamCupid review should start with the description of a registration process. If you were using one of the Cupid services, then you won’t have any problems with creating a page and using VietnamCupid. But even if you are new to the network, it won’t be difficult to start using VietnamCupid. If you are not afraid of logging in with your Facebook page, then you can register by clicking on the “Join with Facebook” button.

If you hate such an idea, just fill in the simple registration form. Fill the field about your gender, who are you looking for (a girl looking for a boy, vice versa, boy looking for a boy, etc.), choose your date of birth, email box address, etc. Then click continue and start exploring the possible options. After you observe all the features, examine different dating options (such as compatibility tests, icebreakers, etc.), you can return to your profile.

While creating an account on VietnamCupid, you see the option where you have to choose that you are at least 18 years old. Only people of legal age are allowed to create VietnamCupid pages and start dating other people.


There are different options. You can wait for the VietnamCupid system to send you recommended profiles via mail, you can start searching on your own, or you can just wait for someone to find you and initiate a conversation. It’s unlike Tinder or other similar dating apps where both users have to swipe right and only then a secret chat just for two appears. You can receive messages from cute and pretty ladies or handsome men, and it is up to you whether to respond.

When you encounter the VietnamCupid account of someone quite interesting, you don’t have to send a message immediately. Add this person to your list of favorite accounts. The user who you have added will find out that you “favored” him or her and might start the conversation. Or show your interest by using the “Show Interest” button. As you can guess, these options are used as icebreakers.

This VietnamCupid dating website review shows that you will be limited without upgrading the account to VIP. You can speak only with paid users, it is a bit weird and unclear why the developers have decided to implement such a feature. But according to the reviews, all the limitations disappear after the upgrade.

Profile Quality

According to the VietnamCupid reviews, there is a huge disproportion of male and female singles on VietnamCupid, only 35% out of a 100 are ladies. Most likely it is because western men are so interested in Vietnamese women. But when you find the profile of someone who attracts you, you will be amazed by the detailed information. You can read about your possible match, his or her preferences, occupation, education, etc. It’s like reading a pretty detailed biography. Then you can view photos and compare profiles so that you can contact someone on VietnamCupid later.

All reviews mention one great thing about VietnamCupid. This is that the information in the profile and the messages can be translated into English. But if the user is from Vietnam and doesn’t speak English, he or she can also use the translator and translate the information to the Vietnamese. You won’t feel the language barrier while speaking with Vietnamese singles due to this automated translator.

The VietnamCupid online dating site review has shown that you can see whether the person is online. It’s always a problem with dating sites to verify whether the profile is still active or the persona has abandoned the platform. But on VietnamCupid you can tell whether the person is still active. All reviews tell that this way you can save your time.


The review should also mention a matter of safety. The connection to the Internet is safe and you can be sure that the data (passwords, logins, credit card info) won’t be stolen due to special encryptions. It has a valid certificate and it will be valid at least till March 2020. This fact shows that the site is not a scam as many reviews state. As the site is not created to steal money or for other similar reasons.

The owners have posted the information on the main page that VietnamCupid has a McAfee certificate, you can check out this information by clicking on the link on the main page of VietnamCupid. VietnamCupid – is it safe? It is safe but you have to be aware of scammers and fake accounts – report them if you meet them and write a review on the Internet.

Extra Features

According to the reviews, if you don’t want to see messages from some VietnamCupid singles, use a message filter. You can read those messages if you change your mind, you just have to open the filtered folder on VietnamCupid. But this option is great for creating a better, safer environment where you can freely meet love.

Many reviews mention another cute function: Cupid Tag. You have to describe your personality with different words, and when someone will be searching for a person like you, you will appear in the results. If you are familiar with hashtags, you will quickly realize how the function works. Keep reading the review to learn even more.

As all reviews mention: upgraded members will enjoy the usage of VietnamCupid without adds. You can also browse through various profiles without being noticed – anonymous mode. If you feel uncomfortable that people understand you were checking them out on VietnamCupid, just switch to this mode and you will hide your presence.


The VietnamCupid reviews found on the Internet and personal observations prove that the site is legit and rather safe. But some disadvantages of the system mentioned in the review might discourage you from using the VietnamCupid platform. After this review, you can check it out on your own, but it is advised not to pay for the membership right away.

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Jerry M. White is an admin in the dating website. He’s a passionate man who loves helping others find their perfect match. When he’s not working on the website, Jerry enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves traveling and exploring new places, and he’s always up for trying something new (especially if it involves food). Jerry is a kind and caring person who wants only the best for those around him.

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