Turkish Brides

Turkish Brides
Beautiful Turkish women have interesting, even exotic facial features. They are extremely beautiful due to the historical background of the country – they have mixed genes and that makes them so attractive and unique. This is only one of the reasons why western men want to start dating Turkish women.

But there are other benefits of dating gorgeous Turkish brides. They are different from other women you have been dating and it will affect your approach when you want to introduce yourself to a woman who caught your eye. In Turkey, a perfect bride has to be modest, she needs to respect her parents, traditions, etc. And there are certain traditions or norms that tell how women should communicate with men.

Turkey is a part of the European Union and it is economically developed. Due to this fact, Turkish people are more modern in comparison with people in other parts of the Muslim world. But even though the country is more contemporary and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on its citizens, most of the population prefers Islam. Although this country is of a secular state which means that Turkey provides freedom in choosing religion.

Turkish Women

Still, religion affects the way men and women communicate with each other. Turkish brides are affected by the traditions, especially in eastern and central parts of the country, and even more in rural areas. You shouldn’t expect to find a woman for one stand night easily. It’s frowned upon in Turkey if a female and male are seeing each other, it has to be a serious romantic relationship leading to marriage.

If you want to succeed and to find Turkish girls for marriage, your behavior has to be proper and you need to respect Turkish traditions. That’s why it’s essential to find out more about the dating culture and other traditions in Turkey. Turkish brides might be the most beautiful women in the world, but it’s not that easy to start a relationship with the one who you like.

Turkish Women

In this article, you will read about dating tips and dating culture in Turkey. We have prepared information about the characteristics of Turkish brides, what obstacles you may face, how to behave in the country and how to communicate with brides from Turkey via dating sites. Since we are focusing on Turkish mail order brides as the best approach to meet a Turkish bride, you will find out more about the sites where you can meet your love.

Turkish Dating Culture

When western men and women travel to Turkey, they are surprised by customs and traditions concerning dating. In rural parts of the country, when a Turkish young lady is ready to become a bride, the father of the family puts an empty milk bottle on top of the roof. Any man who can knock down that bottle (without crashing it) can expect that he will become the husband of this young Turkish bride. The father of the family will carefully investigate the status of those men who expect his daughter’s hand for marriage.

People Don’t Date Here

In villages and small towns, young boys and girls may know each other, but they don’t communicate. Communication or friendship between girls and boys is frowned upon in rural parts of the country because young girls have to maintain their virginity. If a young bride to be is friends with a boy, others might question if she is still a virgin. Even worse if young Turkish brides in small cities or villages are caught in bars or places that are attended by men.

They Love Coffee

If it is tasty and well-prepared, then a Turkish bride will become a good wife. It’s rather a superstition to expect that Turkish wives would be good wives due to their coffee, but in rural areas, young brides are serious about preparing the best coffee they can with a very thick crema foam on top of the coffee. Perhaps, people think that coffee is an indicator of how good this young Turkish bride will be at keeping the household.

PDA Isn’t a Problem

But in such big cities as Istanbul, Izmir, etc., it’s ok if a lady and gentleman are seeing each other and even kissing in public. Although some pretty Turkish girls that are behaving improperly (only from the point of view of very religious women and especially men) might be harassed. Some incidents might occur during big religious holidays, for instance, Ramadan. Be careful and try to withhold your signs of affection, for example, kissing in public.

Turkish Brides Prefer Serious Relationships

But today Turkish brides in huge cities are defending their rights and are trying to persuade society to treat them the same way as men. That’s why in big cities it’s a lot easier to find a Turkish bride to date. But casual relationships are frowned upon, and not only by people with traditional points of view. Turkish brides prefer serious relationships. There are exceptions because people have different desires. But overall, a serious bond is what they are interested in.

It’s normal to find a Turkish bride, start dating even living in the same apartment (although the older generation will say that you are living in sin), but marriage is the goal.

Characteristics Of Turkish Women

You already know that they are beautiful and attractive. That in big cities women defend their beliefs and rights, but what are other characteristics? Let’s see:

  • Family-oriented.
  • Intelligent, wise.
  • Great cooks.
  • Success-oriented (career, life, education).
  • Jealous while dating.
  • Kind and feminine.


About jealousy – it’s not a Turkish tradition, it’s rather a special trait of the whole nation. If you are dating a Turkish bride and you communicate with other women, she will be jealous. Bear that in mind and don’t praise some talents of your female friend. For example, if you will claim that your female friend is great at something, be prepared for an argument.

If you think it’s horrible, you might be right, but that’s how Turkish people behave. It’s a norm, a special trait that is believed to be a sign of love. You are probably wondering how can jealousy be related to love. Turkish brides and even men think that if they have strong romantic feelings towards each other, they would be afraid of losing their soulmates. A person of the opposite sex is a potential threat since she or he can make a boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love with him or her.


In simple words, if you love someone, you will be afraid if your significant other is spending too much time with a representative of the opposite sex. Moreover, if you are completely OK that your Turkish bride has male friends, she might think that you don’t love her. You can ask her about those friends so that she will think that you are jealous and will think that your behavior is cute.

But that’s not necessary, Turkish brides are affected by western trends so your Turkish girlfriend might be OK if you have female friends and that you don’t get jealous each time you see her talking with another guy. But you have to bear one thing in mind – you are dating exclusively. Your relationship is serious, and if you fall in love with each other, your personalities don’t clash, then she will expect you to propose.

Meaningful Relationship

Such tradition will benefit you greatly if Turkish women for marriage make your heart beating faster. Turkish brides prefer meaningful relationships. A Turkish bride wants to fall in love, to find the man who will make her happy, with whom she will be comfortable, will have kids and grow old together. Such family-orientedness is great if you want to meet your Turkish bride and to create a family. You will be able to establish a life-long romantic relationship with her, and both of you will be happy together.

Turkish Mail-Order Brides

If you are interested in marriage, or in a serious relationship with a Turkish bride that will potentially lead to marriage, then the best way to meet your wife-to-be is to use a Turkish mail order bride approach. It sounds weird as if there is a catalog where you can see pictures of women and order them by mail, but that is not the case.

It is a simple dating site, but it caters only to the interests of singles who are trying to find love and to arrange a marriage. It’s not a place where you can find a hookup, it’s a place where you can meet a potential bride. People need to sign up, to create a profile that will bring light to their personalities and interests, and the matchmaking system will do the rest.

The matchmaking system is responsible for connecting accounts of people who fit. You will be receiving each day’s recommended profiles of ladies who fit your expectations. For instance, they will be of preferred age, with interests similar to yours, with or without some habits, etc. Below you will find some websites where you can meet a Turkish bride who will make your heart beating faster.


This is one of the oldest dating sites in the Turkish dating online industry. The pros of using such a site are obvious – the site is legit, and it is well-known within Turkish brides. It has a big audience and it can be used by foreigners but only if they know the Turkish language. If you don’t have even the basic knowledge of this language, you won’t be able to use it. But the website is good since it has a great reputation and a huge pool of potential candidates.


This platform is more international than the previous example since developers have added the English language to the interface. You can find brides from the Muslim world, specifically, Turkish brides. The site has a reputation of an effective dating platform that works like a Turkish wife finder.

Bottom Line

There are not so many websites where you can find Turkish brides. But they sometimes use mainstream apps or sites for dating. You can use those mentioned above sites. You can also try your luck with apps like Tinder, OkCupid or sites Charmerly, Mach Truly, etc.

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