Pinalove Review

Pinalove Review
This Pinalove review will help you to decide whether the platform is worthy of your time. The dating site is completely free of any charges, you could use it without paying your money. People believe that they don’t have to pay to meet someone online since they are able to meet them in those places where people are used to hanging out. And this is true, most users don’t like the idea of paying for a dating site, this is why they don’t use it. Read the review to learn more.

But this is a huge problem since these people lose a great chance of meeting a complete match. Who does not dream about meeting a soulmate who has similar beliefs, personalities, etc? With dating sites, people have a great opportunity to meet a total match. This is why some website owners have decided to create platforms for singles who don’t like to pay for using a site. Now after reading the review anyone could use a matchmaking system and find a perfect match.

One of such free to use websites is Pinalove. According to its reviews, the site is designed for Filipinas and people who want to start dating people from the Philippines. The site has a clear-cut design, it’s easy to use all the features, the signup process is quick and simple, especially if you sign up with your Facebook page. But is this site worthy of your time? It’s free, which means that everyone could use it, even people who are looking for easy money. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Pros and Cons


  • A great pool of members (around 800.000).
  • Great protection system (protected Internet connection).
  • A very simple design.
  • The mobile app is available for both Android and iOs systems.
  • Free (with the opportunity to upgrade the membership).
  • Membership is cheap, but you still can use the app for free.
  • A good matchmaking system.


  • It does not require ID verification.
  • The disproportion of males and females (70% of members are men).
  • Pinalove is mostly used to find casual relationships.

Pinalove Search

About Pinalove

In this detailed review of, we will try to figure out whether this dating platform is decent or it’s better to find an alternative source. The review is based on some personal observations and different Pinalove reviews found on the Internet.

Even though it has several disadvantages, Pinalove is still very popular amongst users who leave pretty positive reviews, although there are some negative reviews. The good thing about this website is that most of the features, such as writing messages, using different icebreakers, etc., could be used for free. But the membership which you could buy is not so expensive, especially if you are purchasing a long-term subscription. But still, the dating site allows you to use it for free.

Easy to Use

Pinalove has a secured Internet connection which hints you that this platform is not a scam and it wasn’t created to steal your money. You could check that the connection is secure by clicking on the lock near the URL. The lock is locked which means that you could freely insert passwords, no one will be able to steal this information. Keep reading the review to learn more.

But even though the connection is secure and you could feel protected, Pinalove does not require an ID verification after registration. Such a process allows all the members to be 100% sure that they are communicating with real people, not scammers. But dating site Pinalove only requires verification through the email address and phone number. The lack of such a procedure means that there might be scammers on the website. While using Pinalove, make sure you check out photos in a profile of a user who attracts you. If this user has different pictures made from different angles, most likely his profile is real. If you want to learn more, then keep reading the review.

How to Sign Up

The review would have been incomplete without the information about the registration process. The signing up process is simple and it won’t take too much of your time, especially if you sign up with your Facebook account. If you don’t want to bound your account on Facebook with your dating site account on Pinalove, then insert the following data:

  • Create a username
  • Create a secure password (with letters and numbers)
  • Choose your gender
  • Indicate who you are looking for (a man or a woman)
  • Insert your age
  • Indicate your high and weight.

If you want to register without signing up with your Facebook account, you have to indicate your phone number. The system will automatically send you a message with a code, you have to type it into a specific field. This is a precaution from scammers. Most of the scammers are discouraged from binding their Facebook accounts or from indicating their phone numbers. This way the owners of Pinalove trying to control the number of scammers and all reviews mention it.


This online dating site review shows that it is easy to use Pinalove and to make the first contact. It is important to remember that you can write new messages on Pinalove every ten minutes. This feature affects only free users, they could send messages via personal mail only once every ten minutes. Several dating site reviews which were found on the internet state that you can’t message “popular” members. For that, you have to upgrade your membership. Yes, this website is not 100% free and we need to cover this topic in the review.

If you are planning to be a free user, then this website might be very inconvenient for you due to these special features. Not only you will have to wait to write a message, but your potential match will also have to wait. This is a huge disadvantage. On the bright side, Pinalove at least allows you to read and write messages and technically, you could use it for free. According to the reviews, other dating sites won’t even allow you to do this.


Some features of Pinalove will make it easier to choose several profiles of potential candidates and to choose from them later. For instance, the matchmaking system is responsible for sending a list of potential girlfriends and boyfriends. But you could tap a star button under the profile of a user to send him or her to the list of your favorites. It’s very convenient since you can choose several candidates and then you can compare their profiles to find out who is the best option for you. Keep reading the review to learn more.

There is also a heart button under each Pinalove profile which will hint the user that you are interested in him or her. This could be considered as an icebreaker since you don’t have to come up with a message. The user whose profile you “liked” can “like” you back and only then you have a chance to start a conversation knowing that both of you are attracted to each other. If you want to learn even more, then keep reading the review.

Pinalove allows you to considerably narrow the pool of potential candidates. If you are looking for ladies with certain personalities, of a certain age, etc., you have a chance to use all those numerous filters to find “the one”. Also, if you will upgrade the membership from the standard one to the Premium, you will be able to use a live chat.

If you have found a profile of one or several pretty girls on Pinalove, then you could start a conversation by simply pressing on the profile’s picture. You could use other icebreakers, for instance, a wink, it’s a cute way to start a conversation. Proceed with the review to learn more.

Profiles Quality

Pinalove dating website review shows that it is safe to use the platform since it has a safe connection to the Internet. But the profiles’ quality shows a slightly different picture. If you use the search and add as many details as you could, you will find profiles of real people. They upload different photos on the Pinalove, tell about their desires, goals in life, interests, etc. But there are profiles on Pinalove which obviously belong to scammers. Keep reading the review to find out more interesting detailes.

It is easy to tell that the profile on Pinalove is fake, you just have to check the number of pictures. Most fake users don’t bother to upload several photos, they just steal pictures of other people and post them. But some scammers on Pinalove are more serious about their profiles and they steal photos of real people from other dating sites. Basically, they steal the identity of other real people. Keep reading the review to know everything you need about the site.

If you want to make sure that you are communicating with a real person on Pinalove, download the picture of a person you are planning to contact, and use a Google image search. If the photo belongs to a real person, most likely you won’t find it on the Internet, or you will but under the same name. You have a chance to also report people who are trying to find out your precise location, phone number, number of your insurance, or other personal information on Pinalove.


Most of the profiles on Pinalove are real, but still, you can meet scammers. online dating site reviews which were found on the Internet state, that the administration of the site pretty much ignores those reports on scammers and they rarely block them. You have to be careful while using Pinalove.

As it was mentioned above, Pinalove does not require an ID verification. You have to indicate your phone number of a Facebook page on Pinalove, but it’s not as safe as a real ID verification. This is due to the fact that the site is mostly used for free, and the owners simply can’t afford such a process. The review should mention that if you meet a scammer and the administration ignores your report, then put him or her into the Pinalove blacklist.

Special Functions

Several interesting features are meant to make your life easier on Pinalove and the review will mention them. Most of them you can enjoy only after you upgrade our account to a premium profile. For example, you have a chance to see the accounts of users who have visited your Pinalove profile. It might be a bit intimidating to think that someone can find out that you have visited his or her Pinalove profile, but in reality, this beautiful lady or handsome man can message you and start a conversation when they see your visit.

The Interested in me section on Pinalove grants you a chance to see who is interested in you. This function was mentioned above, you can use it in reverse and push the heart button to inform someone that you are interested in a relationship with him or her. In the same manner works the Favorited me button – when someone adds you into their list of favorite people on Pinalove, you will see that in your Pinalove profile.


If you are interested in the answer to the question Pinalove – is it safe, then you have to be aware that it is safe only partially. If you encounter a scammer, it’s best to report him and to add to the blacklist, then you will be safe. Other features of the site are good, but not excellent. Pinalove is not the best, especially if you are looking for a woman or man for marriage. Pinalove is not taken seriously by members, and we can give only 7.5 stars out of 10.

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