KoreanCupid Review

KoreanCupid Review
You might have already heard about the Cupid media, it holds different mainstream and niche dating sites around the world. This Cupid media group caters to the interests of different nationalities. We can say that most of the websites that the group owns are international. Some of them are used by local people only, but usually, these are mail-order brides platforms. You can tell that since the language of the interface is English. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Our KoreanCupid review shows that this dating online platform for singles is such an international dating website. It has an app, but it is available only for Android users. The owners state that it’s completely safe. It’s also accessible for all users no matter what is their purpose – love, friendship, meeting a partner for marriage. The owners of KoreanCupid also state that it is a leading Korean dating platform. It means that it has a huge userbase. In this review, we’ll tell you more details about this.

But most of the potential members are more interested in the quality of the website and whether you can meet a girlfriend or a boyfriend while using the website. In this short review of KoreanCupid.com, you will find out a bit more about this platform. The information provided below is based on personal observations. It’s also based on the KoreanCupid.com dating site reviews of people who were using the site for a while. According to all reviews, this KoreanCupid.com dating site certainly has a nice design and it is easy to use it. But what are other advantages of KoreanCupid?

Pros and Cons


  • A big database of members.
  • Users are active (around 50 thousand users log in each week).
  • You can join using your Facebook account.
  • Several features are available for free.
  • Low membership price, especially if you buy a yearly subscription.
  • Automatic translation of messages.
  • A sophisticated matchmaking system.

KoreanCupid is a pay to use online dating platform, but it’s rather an advantage that all users reviews highlight. The membership price is low even when you buy only a monthly subscription. You can test various options of the service for one month and decide whether you need to purchase a longer subscription thus saving your money. But some features it is possible to try out without fees, you can even reply to someone’s message before upgrading the account to VIP.


  • The app is available only for Android users.
  • Disproportion of female and male audience (40% are ladies).
  • Automated messages from women while they don’t send them.
  • Accounts are blocked without reasons or warnings.
  • Users report fake profiles.
  • Customer support is ignoring users.

Due to these disadvantages which are emphasized in all reviews, it is very difficult to evaluate KoreanCupid a good mark. The maximum we can award is 7.3 stars out of 10. It is advised to be careful and not to buy a subscription right away. Register, take your time, check out the profiles (it’s for free). Make sure that most of the profiles of beautiful women and handsome men are real, not fake, and then you can buy the subscription.

Aboud KoreanCupid

KoreanCupid reviews of real people who were using the site are mostly negative. Women who were using these sites report that they were blocked without any reasons and warning, when they tried to contact the customer support, they didn’t get the response. Some of the male users are wondering whether all those profiles of beautiful and cute women on KoreanCupid are real – if women are being blocked, who are those users and are they real? And in this review, we’ll try to figure it out.

On the one hand, the Cupid media group is a reliable company which had been launched in 2004, it’s less likely that KoreanCupid is a scam. But on the other hand, people report problems. This only can mean that you have to be always on the alert, maybe some users are not real. Such websites always attract people who are hunting for easy money – and asking for money from naive users is one of their methods to gain profit. Keep reading the review to learn even more.

You can use the advanced search for free, you can complete your profile on KoreanCupid, you can even reply to other people’s messages. Use it for free for several days, if everything is OK, you can buy the membership on KoreanCupid.


Any review of the site should mention its registration process. The signing up process is simple, especially if you choose to join the community with your Facebook page. If you do so, the information will be withdrawn from your Facebook account – age, gender, location, you can upload pictures directly from your page, etc. If you don’t indicate your date of birth on your Facebook account, you have to indicate your age on KoreanCupid. Proceed with the review to learn more.

KoreanCupid registration

The review should mention that if you don’t want to link your page to your newly created KoreanCupid account, just complete the usual application for any dating or matrimonial service. The process is quick and simple, this is why many members choose not to link their pages. This is a good idea in terms of safety and all reviews notice it. Although the site has a safe connection to the Internet, so users don’t have reasons to worry about their passwords or logins being stolen.

Easy to Use

Then you are free to do whatever you decide – to proceed with creating your profile on KoreanCupid, or you can start browsing through the profiles of pretty girls or nice guys – depending on your orientation. Some real KoreanCupid users say in their reviews that it’s not so important to complete your profile to the fullest – users will be messaging you no matter what. If you want to learn more, then keep reading the review.

Even though this is true, part of those messages is automated, the other part is from fake users since they don’t care about your personality. But there are real members who want to meet you and they want to find out more about you. So only because of them, try to complete your KoreanCupid profile right after finishing this review.


As it was mentioned above in the review, right after the registration process on KoreanCupid is completed, you check out the members and their profiles. You can’t message anyone until you pay for the membership, but you can reply to someone’s message. But before you even pay for the subscription, it’s wise to find out about the member structure and read some reviews. If you are a guy looking for a girlfriend from Korea, it might be a bit more difficult to meet a woman since there are more registered males on KoreanCupid, around 60%.

But the site is rather popular among Korean users and they are actively writing reviews, so you would find both: positive reviews and negative reviews. Around 50 thousand users are logging in each day and new members appear each day. The owners of KoreanCupid claim that the site has more than half a million members. Whether you are a man or a woman seeking love, you have a good chance to meet your match on KoreanCupid.

There are around 100.000 members from the US, most of them are mail users. If you are from Korea, you are a woman, then there is a chance to meet a man from the US on KoreanCupid if you are interested in the relationship with a foreign man. If you are a man, and you want to start dating a Korean woman on KoreanCupid, there is also a good chance to meet your love.

Profile Quality

Not one KoreanCupid dating website review from real users states that the quality of profiles is not as good as they would expect from a paid website. KoreanCupid requires an ID verification but it seems that there are fake users. Whether these fake pages are made by the administration to attract new members, or these are fake profiles of scammers, it is unclear. This is why it is recommended to use KoreanCupid carefully.

A quick check of the KoreanCupid profiles while using a searching tool shows that most profiles look like they belong to real users. You can say that since the photos are less professional, “polished”, different photos made from different angles and in various locations. Such a peculiarity gives hope that only real users were creating such profiles.

But there are KoreanCupid profiles that look too unnatural, women look like models, their pictures would fit into a glamorous fashion magazine. It would be great if these profiles are real, but they are too suspicious. And all reviews mention it. You have to communicate a bit with the person, this is the only way to verify that the person is real and the KoreanCupid profile is not fake. If a user asks for money or personal information, report such a KoreanCupid user.

Contacting Other Members

This koreancupid.com online dating site might be not so useful for free users as all the reviews say. You can’t contact members by writing a message, you can only respond to somebody’s message. But you can “like” the profile, it is used as an icebreaker function. If you “like” a member, he or she will see that you are interested. In theory, you can use KoreanCupid for free if you “like” a user and he or she writes you a message. Then you can respond to the message. But this is only in theory.

In reality, you don’t know whether there is a limit for responses if you are a free member. But the owners of the website state that you can respond and they don’t mention any limits to the number of responses you can make on KoreanCupid. Keep reading the review to learn more details.

KoreanCupid – Is It Safe?

As it was mentioned above in the review, you can find fake profiles on KoreanCupid. It is safe if you will decide to spend money on the membership – the site has a good security system and the Internet connection is safe. It also has anti-virus protection, so from this point, the website is mostly safe. But those fake KoreanCupid profiles might ruin your experience of using KoreanCupid.

While using the dating site KoreanCupid, make sure that you never tell personal financial information, as well as try not to mention your precise location. And ignore or blacklist all those members who ask for money.


This online dating site review shows that KoreanCupid is not the most trustworthy website you can find and use. It is used by Korean users, but it will take a while to meet someone significant. Hopefully, the review was helpful for you. And it’s essential to be careful while using KoreanCupid.

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