Japanese Brides

Japanese Brides
Beautiful Japanese women are attracting people all over the world. No one doubts that brides from Japanese are beautiful, elegant and extremely graceful, but that’s not the only reason why they attract attention and make men’s hearts beating faster. They are very polite, smart and Japanese culture affects them and their behavior, which makes them even more charming.

Japanese brides – the reason why some men from western countries even move into Japan. But even though the culture in Japan is charming, somewhat mysterious and beautiful, it affects the dating culture. You can’t just approach any Japanese woman and expect her to be interested in you. Unlike women in any other western country, she will be polite to you, but that’s not necessarily because she likes you. It’s a Japanese special trait – people are always nice.

If you are interested in marriage and Japanese wives, then it’s essential to learn more about Japanese culture and marriage traditions. The cultural differences are too noticeable, you can’t ignore them, especially if you want to marry a beautiful Japanese bride. You have to learn more about dating traditions, gain some ideas and tips, and then you can think about dating Japanese ladies. In this article, you can find some useful information, including the most effective ways to meet Japanese brides.

Dating Japanese Women

There are several tips that will help you to attract the attention of Japanese potential brides. Such ideas will help you if you are planning to move into Japan, or if you are already living there due to your work, or other circumstances.

If you are looking for casual relationships, you might want to look somewhere else. It is likely to find someone for such relationships, but the possibility is low. If you are planning to start dating a Japanese woman and marry her in the future (if your personalities match) then these tips are for you.

Learn Japanese

If you are living currently (or already permanently) in Japan, it’s not a problem for you. You are already learning the Japanese language or have even mastered it. It’s important since people in Japan are not very fluent in English. This fact is explained by their lack of traveling to other countries. This situation is changing and more people, especially the young generation, prefer exploring the world and to learn something different.

Japanese Women

But even if your potential bride from Japan knows English and she is fluent in the language, you still want to show her your respect. If you start learning Japanese, your potential girlfriend will be moved by your efforts and will understand that you value her. Such actions will show your possible bride that you have serious intentions, that you are willing to start dating and then to arrange a marriage. You can start by learning some basic phrases, you don’t even have to start learning how to write and to read, but eventually, it has to be your goal.

Lots Of Messages

When you set up the first date, don’t disappear from her life. It’s common for people in western countries to set up dates, and then to talk only on this date. People might not even exchange a single message after that. In Japan it’s rude. There is a tradition, especially within a younger generation (age 18-35) to text each other in messengers.

Japanese men and women think that it’s sweet when they write to each other hundreds of messages a day. They tend to ask about the mood, what have they been eating today, if she or he is ok, and other sweet nonsense. If you don’t so that, then your potential Japanese bride will think that you don’t like her. Try to get used to this tradition while dating Japanese women.

Instant Replies

Be on alert and don’t forget to check your messages. If she wrote you a message, you need to reply as soon as possible. The worst thing that can happen if you read a message of your potential bride, she will see that you have read it, but you have replied later. Don’t ever do that. Your potential bride understands that you might be at work, but you can spend at least 1 minute of your time to answer her and to mention that you are busy.

The reply “I’m at work, busy, will contact you around 8 pm” – is a perfect answer. Japanese people are known to be workaholics, they are the nation that spends more time at work than any other nation. Your bride will understand that you can’t reply.

Listen More – Talk Less

It’s beneficial for you, you won’t tell something you will regret. Japanese brides love to talk, and you can relax and reply to her phrases. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be engaged in interesting conversations. But usually, you have to listen, the exception is when a topic is serious and there is a need for discussions.

Traditional Roles

Japan is a strong country from an economic point of view, Japan is fully developed and modern. But surprisingly, women tend to become housewives after they get married. If you are looking for Japanese girls for marriage, then you should be prepared that after you get married, she might abandon her career and start taking care of you as her husband, and your kids.

The fact is that Japanese women are paid less than men. The average salary of a Japanese man will be higher than the salary of a Japanese female, some statistics even claim that men gain 40% more. Even though Japan is a modern and developed country, the traditions still influence the nation, especially it influences women. But Japanese women (most of them) like that they have to take care of the household, rather than work and receive a less than average salary.

Be Clear

Japanese women might start asking you questions like “Are we dating”, “Where is this going”, etc. You should be clear and honest with her, it’s important for Japanese brides to understand what to expect from you. You can tell that you are dating, and if you fall in love with each other and personalities will fit, you will get married. Reassure your potential Japanese bride, it’s important for her.

Japanese Mail Order Bride

As it was mentioned above, you will find out more about the most effective way to meet pretty Japanese girls who are ready to marry a western man. Japanese mail-order brides is an approach when you use a dating website where potential brides from Japan are creating accounts and chatting with Western men.

These dating sites cater to the interests of western men who are looking for Japanese brides, and of women from Japan who want to become brides for western men. The best advantage of such sites is that everyone is serious about their intentions. If you see a profile of a woman and you like her photos, her biography and how you communicate with each other, be sure that she is ready to become your bride.

On such dating platforms you meet Japanese women for marriage, they are single and are willing to start dating someone outside of their nationality. It’s one of the easiest ways to meet a bride from Japan since you will be 100% that she likes you. As it was mentioned, women in Japan are polite and won’t tell you immediately that they are not interested. While using websites to meet a bride, you won’t have such a problem. If a potential bride is still texting you, then she likes you.

Japanese Dating Sites

Asia Charm

As you might have already guessed from the name of the site, you can find Asian brides on this dating online platform. It works like a Japanese wife finder with the exception that you can meet brides from South Korea, China, India, and other Asian countries. Most of the services of Asia Charm are paid, but you can check out some features that will help you to understand whether you like the site.

The pool of Japanese brides is pretty diverse and it’s not that difficult to use the search. You have to complete a standard quiz – if you don’t have time to search, the information from the quiz will be used to offer you daily recommendations based on your tastes. But if you can’t wait, use the advanced search and pick the country, so that you will find only potential brides from Japan.

Asian Feels

Another site that caters to the interests of western men and Japanese singles who dream to become brides. Asian Feels has been launched a while ago and claimed to be a decent and safe website to meet a bride. Why is it singled out? Because of the strict rules of the platform.

They have a sophisticated protection system, and the staff members of Asian Feels interview some of the applicants via webcam to make sure these people are real. The ID (a scan or photo) is required to join the society. Such rules and measures guarantee that you are speaking with a Japanese bride, and not with a bot or a scammer.

Asian Melodies

As the owners claim, Asian Melodies platform is available in more than thirty countries. It allows brides in Asian countries to find husbands from other countries, mostly from western ones. It’s one of the best options to search for a bride since the database of users is big, especially for a niche site.

The site was launched ten years ago and it is 100% legit. Upon signing up, members have to add information about themselves and their preferences towards brides. The matchmaking system is very precise, so make sure you are honest while completing the quiz.


Looking for a Japanese bride is easier via dating sites. When you approach a single woman in Japan, you don’t know if she is ready to marry a foreigner. While the usage of dating sites grants you that all women want to become brides and are willing to establish romantic bonds.

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