JapanCupid Review

JapanCupid Review
In the 21st century, when you want to meet someone specific, you use dating platforms or apps. There are thousands of reviews on the Internet of how someone met their special one online. Today, when we want to find love,  we don’t care about the long distance, different cultures, other so-called obstacles. If there is a need to meet your soulmate, such things are not something to bother about. Thanks to such online websites for serious relationships, international dating had become real.

It’s normal to meet someone online and start getting to know each other. It’s like attending dates but in a virtual space. Then two singles can meet in person. According to reviews, some people might feel surprised, but such dating is even more resultative than common dating when you meet someone in random places. When men and women meet online, usually, they have similar views – this is how the matchmaking system or search filters work. This is why they are getting along better and easily fall in love.

Due to globalization and popular trends, people from different countries feel attracted to Japanese culture. This is why so many single males and females would love to start dating Japanese ladies and gentlemen. In this JapanCupid review, you can find out about this dating site and whether it helps to create international couples.

Pros and Cond

Any website, or product, has its benefits and liabilities, JapanCupid is not an exception and it’s up to you to decide whether the liabilities are cover all the disadvantages. The benefits of the site are as follows:


  • JapanCupid is a recognized dating service.
  • A great pool of singles.
  • Active JapanCupid community.
  • Safety (anti-virus and a certified service).
  • Advanced and basic search filters.
  • Usability and a clear-cut interface.


  • Deactivation of accounts without warning.
  • Fake accounts.
  • You receive messages from people you don’t want to meet.
  • Not the best matchmaking system.
  • Bad quality of JapanCupid profiles.

JapanCupid UsersAbout JapanCupid

The owners of JapanCupid affirm that the app is used not only for international dating but also for locals to meet their soulmates. JapanCupid belongs to a well-known Cupid network that is supposed to connect singles. But sometimes reality and expectations turn out to be very different. In this review of japancupid.com, you will read about the site, its options, peculiarities, etc. This JapanCupid dating website review is based on personal examinations and comments from real users.

As it was mentioned above in the review, JapanCupid belongs to a well-known Cupid network. This fact gives hope that JapanCupid is a decent service, it’s not a scam. If JapanCupid would be a scam, it wouldn’t have positive JapanCupid reviews and a certificate (you can check the certificate by clicking on the “lock” picture near the link to JapanCupid), and it wouldn’t be so popular. When users understand from the reviews that they are dealing with the scam, not a legitimate site, they quit and because of a bad reputation, such websites have to be closed.

Since the Cupid network is operating since 2004, it is most likely that JapanCupid is not a scam. But other aspects make the website less appealing, such as JapanCupid profiles and various situations described by real members in JapanCupid reviews found on the Internet.

Easy to Use

Due to several JapanCupid.com dating site reviews, people complain about their Premium accounts being blocked without any reason or warning. Most people who have encountered such a problem on JapanCupid tell in the reviews that the reason for deactivating their profiles was “your goal is not aligned with the real purpose”.

The review should cover the topic of registration. When you create a profile on JapanCupid, you have to indicate what is your goal – meeting a husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. According to reviews, some real users were blocked because the administration has decided that their goal is not aligned with the purpose that they have written in the profile. They don’t give any proof to the fact that a user wasn’t looking for what he claimed he was. The reviews also highlight that the customer support does not reply to their messages although they affirm that the response is given within 24-48 hours.

Profile Verification

In their reviews, some users also express worry since their accounts are blocked even though they have completed the ID verification process. This process is needed to make sure that you are a real JapanCupid user and that your account is real. But still, even when you send a scan of your ID, they can block you. And those users who have accomplished this JapanCupid verification process are worried that the information from IDs might be used for unknown purposes.

According to JapanCupid reviews, when you create your profile on JapanCupid, you choose who you want to meet. You can indicate the nationality, age range, location, etc. But even though you clearly state what are your preferences, you still get messages from people who even remotely don’t fit your preferences. And the quality of the JapanCupid profiles is not the best although you can meet real people who fill their profiles with photos and biographical facts. But some of them don’t even choose the main photo. Keep reading the review to learn more.


As all the JapanCupid reviews say: it’s easy to create an account on japancupid.com online dating site, you just need to log in with your Facebook page. If this isn’t an option for you, then complete a standard signup form. You need an active mailbox, to which you remember your password. After you fill in all the required information, you will receive a letter in your email box. It’s a verification letter, just click on the link to verify your registration. If you want to learn more, then keep reading the review.

JapanCupid SiteIf you don’t do this, your account won’t function until this process is completed. Then you can either proceed with completing your account, or you can try out the searching tool. The matchmaking system is rather simple when you use a Basic account. After you upgrade it, you will receive a list of recommendations. You will receive such a list while using a free account, but it’s difficult to find a match this way. But you still can use the searching tool for free, this is a good bonus which allows you to test the system before paying for the services.

Profiles Quality

The JapanCupid review should also mention the quality of the profiles. After you complete the registration procedure, you can finish your profile by adding information about your personality. Most of the reviews advise being as precise and honest as possible since this way the matchmaking system will recommend the best possible matches that have accounts on JapanCupid. Japancupid.com dating site has an option to verify your profile by sending the scan of an ID card. This way you will gain a “verified” account sign and other members of JapanCommunity will see that sign.

Detailed Profiles

On JapanCupid you can pay attention to detail. For example, many JapanCupid reviews mention that you are allowed to tell about your education, occupation, what do you want from life, what hobbies do you have, etc. You are allowed to create a pretty detailed JapanCupid profile and start searching for profiles of beautiful ladies or handsome men who have completed their profiles to the fullest. This way you can check whether you are compatible and would make a nice couple. Keep reading the review to get more useful information.

But not all JapanCupid members are willing to fulfill their profiles to a great extent. You might expect people to be honest and as open to communication as possible, but it doesn’t work this way. Some people ignore the option of completing the profile. According to reviews, not all of them even post the main profile photo on JapanCupid.

Such peculiarity may only be a sign that there are a lot of fake accounts, or a lot of people who don’t want to be recognized, for example, married people. If a single has found a profile of a cute Japanese girl, it’s not guaranteed that she is real. The best tip the JapanCupid review could give is to avoid perfect profiles on JapanCupid (with pictures as if taken for a glamorous fashion magazine), or those JapanCupid profiles that lack information.


Any JapanCupid review on the dating site needs to tell about the safety measures it uses. The main question about JapanCupid – is it safe? The website is safe since it has encryptions that disable hackers from stealing your information (credit card number, logins or passwords, etc.), and it has a McAfee certificate that ensures that people won’t post links with malicious content that can cause problems with your personal computer, tablet or phone. Although, there are many reviews on the Internet. You can find both positive reviews as well as negative reviews.

But as it was mentioned above in the JapanCupid review, the site asks for your ID scan and it’s difficult to tell whether they use it only for the purpose of verifying that you are a real member. The only piece of advice in such a situation will be not sending the scan of the ID.

And there is another topic the review should mention that is of great concern of JapanCupid users – deactivation of accounts. It seems that even after you pay for the upgrade to a premium JapanCupid account, they can block you without a serious reason and without the possibility to renew the account after proving that your purpose was to find love. Such problems completely ruin the positive experience of using JapanCupid, so be very careful.

Communication Features

According to users’ reviews, you can upgrade your JapanCupid account to premium, but you can use it for free as well. You will be allowed to contact only members with subscriptions. If you meet a person on JapanCupid who is a free user, and you are a free user as well, both of you won’t have a chance to send messages to each other. But you as a free JapanCupid user can communicate with paid JapanCupid members. It seems weird, but it works.

Anonymous Mode

Dating site JapanCupid has some interesting options, for instance, you can browse without being noticed. It’s called an anonymous mode when you can check out someone’s profile and this person won’t even find out that you were analyzing his or her profile.

Searching Tool

The main feature of JapanCupid is the searching tool. With such a tool you can easily detect users with similar interests. The matchmaking system of JapanCupid is working in a similar fashion, but it’s not as good as you would expect from such a popular network. It often recommends the same accounts. If you haven’t contacted that person, why would you want to receive such a recommendation again?

Favorite List

And you can include users to your Favourite list. But the thing is that such a feature works both ways – you add a person to this list and can contact him or her later, but this person will be informed about being on your list. It’s like an icebreaker although they have some traditional icebreaker features as well.


As a conclusion to this online dating site review, we can award JapanCupid with 7.4 stars out of 10. It’s not the best platform for meeting love, but if you try hard, you might meet someone significant and worthy of the time spent on this platform.

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