IndianCupid Review

IndianCupid Review

We live during the 21st century, the century of globalization and digital technology. Those things which were not possible two decades ago, now are possible and make our life easier. Even the dating culture has changed and people can meet their soulmates even on Facebook. But Facebook is not even close that effective as dating sites or apps. There is a reason why people talk so much about Tinder. Globalization has also caused one more positive thing: if you want to learn about a certain platform you can easily find its reviews. If positive reviews outweigh negative reviews then it’s worth trying the site yourself.

Singles find it more effective to meet someone online, especially considering our busy lives and hectic schedules. When all you want to do after work or a hard day at college is sleeping, how could someone even think about going out on a date? And it’s great when you have someone to date, but what if you need to find it. It’s double stress – to build a career or study and to look for someone.

No one wants to be alone, but it’s not necessary to meet in person. When people are communicating online, it feels almost the same as conversing face to face. It’s difficult to tell what means of communication is better, but while dating online you can think twice about what you type. Such an option is very helpful when you only start dating. And when you feel comfortable enough to meet each other in person, you can go on a real date.

One such website which allows you to date online is IndianCupid. According to the reviews, this website caters to the interests of Indian single men and women – they can date online and meet later. But it’s also an international service which can help to unite two hearts longing for love, living in different countries. If you feel attracted to Indian males or females, IndianCupid is surely for you to consider. So read this review to learn more.

Pros and Cons of IndianCupid


  • A free three-month trial period.
  • Quick registration.
  • List of who is online.
  • Safety tips (for meeting in person).
  • Useful features to start a conversation, inform about your interest, etc.


  • Not the best pool of potential matches.
  • Fake accounts.
  • Not available for Apple users.
  • ID verification is not necessary.

About IndianCupid

In this IndianCupid review, you will read about different IndianCupid aspects. For instance, you will find whether IndianCupid is safe, whether it has useful features, is it helpful or just a waste of time, etc. The IndianCupid review is based on the observations made after creating an account and browsing through profiles, and on the IndianCupid reviews, made by people who have been using IndianCupid for a while.

IndianCupid Site

First of all, this IndianCupid review should emphasize that IndianCupid is a part of a huge network – Cupid network. As reviews mention this company owns several different sites which cater to the interests of specific groups. They have different Cupid sites that are designed to satisfy the needs of different nationalities. You might have heard about other products from this company. According to the reviews, IndianCupid is a well-known website and the whole Cupid media has a reputation of a pretty decent network of sites for dating online.

As all the IndianCupid reviews say, the owners of IndianCupid affirm that they cater to the interests of non-resident Indian singles who live in such countries as the US, the UK, Canada, etc. IndianCupid also allows those ladies and gentlemen living in mentioned above countries to date Indian singles. It’s an international platform, and it has advantages and disadvantages.

Easy to Use

It’s not clear whether this three-month trial for free is granted for all users any time, or the IndianCupid is a relatively new platform in the Cupid network and that way they want to popularize the dating platform and attract new members. Either way, if you are interested in Indian singles, you can check out this platform for free during the first three months.

The registration process is designed that way that you can easily create a profile and proceed with your search for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The interface is easy and any member can quickly identify those functions that he or she needs for a successful search of a potential match.


One of the best options of IndianCupid is the list of singles who are currently online. Most members of any website for dating online or for marriage claim, that it is very discouraging to send a message to a user and never to get the reply. That’s because those users are inactive. Some websites delete the accounts of inactive members, but IndianCupid simply shows the list of people who is online. And when you contact someone, you can see whether the person is online.

According to all the reviews, the pool of Indian singles is very low. If you register on IndianCupid and expect that you will meet who you want, you might be disappointed. First, there are non-Indian people who are not even thinking about dating Indians. As all IndianCupid reviews mention, these people are annoying all those singles who are trying to date Indians. The question is why they are even registering here if they can use mainstream apps to meet non-Indian singles. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Is It Worth Your Time

All reviews say that people on IndianCupid contact those who clearly state in their profiles that they are interested only in Indian people. This information is taken from dating site reviews, and people complain about this a lot.

Another annoying thing about IndianCupid is that it has fake accounts. You can easily distinguish fake profiles, especially profiles of women. These profiles of very beautiful women have too polished photos made as if for a glamorous magazine. What is even worse, especially for western men, there are not so many real profiles of cute ladies. It might be a bit difficult for western males to meet love on IndianCupid. Keep reading the review to learn more.

ID verification is not a necessary thing and different reviews have various opinions on this topic. You might want to check only those profiles which have a special badge that affirms that the user is real. But again, there are comments about the dating site that even these IDs are fake – but these are only personal observations of members who were using IndianCupid for a while.

Registration On IndianCupid

Any IndianCupid review should talk about the registration process. According to millions of reviews, the registration process is pretty clear – either you log in with your Facebook page, or you complete a very short registration process. There is one thing that you should remember about online dating site – you have to wait up till 48 hours before your photo will be approved by the administration. This process allows the staff of IndianCupid to verify users and that they are using their own photos. Keep reading the IndianCupid review to learn more.

IndianCupid Review

That way IndianCupid is trying to control the number of fake accounts and many reviews reveal it. According to those reviews, IndianCupid is a relatively new site within the Cupid network, and there is hope that they have a lower number of fake accounts compared to other Cupid websites. When you complete the signup process on the dating site IndianCupid, you can proceed with completing your profile. But you can skip this procedure and examine the profiles of men or women on IndianCupid. Keep reading the IndianCupid review to learn more.


As it was mentioned above in this IndianCupid dating website review, there are fake profiles. You already know how to distinguish them – too good pictures, made by professional photographers in studios. But those IndianCupid users which are real, create very detailed profiles with as much information as possible. According to the reviews, they are trying to increase their chances of meeting a true soulmate, so these IndianCupid members customize their profiles, tell more about their personalities, etc. Keep reading our IndianCupid review to learn more.

There are real IndianCupid users, you can guess that form numerous comments they leave on different comment sites. But according to the reviews you have to browse very carefully so that you will have a chance to distinguish real users from fake profiles. Id verification is not required on IndianCupid, so you have to be very careful. Keep reading the review to learn more.

IndianCupid Profiles

According to the reviews, you can clearly indicate in your profile who you are expecting to meet. You can add such criteria as age, the country where your potential match should be living or where he/she is from. Also, you can add your expectations of physical appearance, personality traits, hobbies, interests, etc. You can also add information about yourself, customize it a little bit. There is a section on IndianCupid where you don’t have to choose answers, you can use your own words to describe yourself. If you want to learn even more, then keep reading this review.

But there is one annoying thing about IndianCupid every review mention – no matter what you write in your expectations of a soulmate, people who don’t fit these expectations will be bombarding you with messages. According to the reviews, when you clearly indicate that you want to meet an Indian man on IndianCupid, or an Indian man claims that he wants to meet a woman from the US, some people will ignore this part. They will be writing to you even though they don’t fit your preferences at all.


IndianCupid – is it safe? There are many reviews on the Internet trying to mention this question. There are many negative reviews that reveal the scam activities on the site. But there are also positive reviews that claim that the user may find love here. This question is one of the most frequent. Due to some personal observations, it might be stated that it is safe to use the website and make payments. It’s important since the site is not used for free, you have to pau. Members have to be sure that their payments are secured by the system – the site is not a scam.

Since the Internet connection is safe and the site has a certificate, payments and personal data are secured and no one can steal it. But it’s hard to tell whether users can have a positive experience while using the site. Review of shows that there are scammers, they are hunting naive users and trying to persuade them to send money. The only way out of such an unpleasant situation is to report such a user and to blacklist him. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Communication Features

According to the reviews, most of the special feature is available only for Premium members. For instance, you can leave notes on the profiles of people who caught your attention. But these notes will be visible only to you – you can mark some people and contact them later, etc. You can also use special Cupid tags while searching. If a user claims in his profile that he is loyal, you can use “loyal” in search, and find this person and others claiming about their loyalty.

If you are browsing through the IndianCupid profiles and you are afraid that you won’t find again the profile of a user who attracts you, then add the contact to favorites. Another similar option allows you to show your interest by clicking a heart button. This person will receive a notification that you like him or her. There is also an option – popular searches. This way you can find popular IndianCupid users, and about the most popular search tags.


If you are considering to use IndianCupid, this online dating site review affirms – you can meet a match on this site, but it will take a lot of money, effort and time. According to all those negative reviews on the Internet, there are better online dating platforms at a reasonable price. But there are also some positive reviews. So the main thing we want to recommend you is to carefully read all the available reviews and then make your own decision not to fall into the trap of scammers.

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