Cambodian Brides

Cambodian Brides
Romantic relationships between Cambodian men and women is a difficult topic. Only around two decades ago Cambodian brides were highly underestimated. That’s why the topic of online dating is a bit difficult to explain. Traditionally, beautiful Cambodian women had not even been educated. In 2004 the estimated number of female graduates was only 20% and the percentage of illiterate girlfriends was even worse – an estimated 45%.

The situation had changed drastically over recent years, Cambodian brides have gained a better understanding of their rights. The situation was also influenced by Western culture, and now a higher percent of Cambodian women enjoying education and building careers. Although inequality still exists, even though it is said in the Constitution that Cambodian men and females are equal in rights.

This situation influences online dating culture and wedding traditions. In bigger cities, everything is almost the same as in other countries, while in rural areas girlfriends are still underestimated. You won’t see any signs of affection between a Cambodian woman and man in public, except for holding hands and sometimes hugging.

When someone describes a traditional Cambodian bride, they use words – beautiful, modest, innocent, family-focused and quiet. Even though Cambodian brides can feel free to express themselves, the mentioned requirements are still putting some pressure. But since it’s the 21st century and Cambodian brides are free to date any men they want. Cambodian girlfriends are modern and full of expectations and goals in life.

In this article, you will find out more about do’s and don’ts while dating Cambodian women or while looking for a Cambodian girlfriend. You will gain a better understanding of Cambodian culture thus looking for a bride to create a family with will be easier.

Cambodian Women Traits

Whether you are looking for Cambodian mail-order brides online or you want to visit the country, you need to find out as much as possible about Cambodian singles, especially if you are looking for a Cambodian bride. Marriage and romantic relationships are of great importance for Cambodian people, and you have to value and respect the traditions of this beautiful country.


Hookups are frowned upon by Cambodian citizens. You might find someone, but it is very unlikely. As it was mentioned, Cambodian brides are becoming more aware of their rights, but they still feel the pressure of society. They are interested in serious romantic relationships, they don’t appreciate the word “fling”. If a Cambodian bride is dating someone, she is thinking about this man as of her future husband and father for her children. Keep that in mind while using Cambodian mail-order bride services.

It doesn’t mean that a woman will become a bride, you might split up, but any romantic relationship should lead somewhere – plainly, it should lead to marriage. If they don’t fit, they split up and find someone else to create a family. The goal of dating for Cambodian bride is to find a husband. But that’s good if you are seeking Cambodian women for marriage, such a wife would value your family.

Cambodian Brides

As it was mentioned above, the traditions are strongly impacting the dating culture in Cambodia. At least two decades or so ago, it was completely OK to arrange marriages. Yes, this is exactly like you imagine it – parents were arranging marriages for their children. It was normal when the father of a young Cambodian bride decides who she should marry.

Modest Wifes

Most pretty Cambodian girls will be interested in having a wedding with you because you are a foreigner. But don’t expect her to trust you right away. You need to prove that you are not a sex tourist, and when you do that, your potential Cambodian bride will start trusting you. But when you are dating, try to withhold your desire to show affection towards your Cambodian bride in public even if you are already engaged. It will make your Cambodian bride feel uncomfortable. You can hold hands and hug your mail-order bride, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Fun Partners

Cambodian boyfriends and girlfriends are very nice and open to conversations with new people, you just have to win their trust. If you have met a Cambodian woman who can become your bride, you won’t get bored while spending time with her. Cambodian brides are different, they are easy-going, they make men laugh, and gentlemen feel comfortable in their presence. That’s how they steal men’s hearts.

Your Wife Wants to Be Respected

Well, men should respect women, that’s why those who do are called gentlemen. But it’s even more important if you are seeking a Cambodian bride. If you act like a perfect gentleman, make your girlfriend feel comfortable, be kind and caring, she will fall for you pretty soon. Unfortunately, men in Cambodia are not perfect gentlemen although in big cities they are behaving better. But still, the contrast between your behavior and the behavior of men in Cambodia will benefit you a lot.

Your Girlfriend Will Always Support You

If your potential Cambodian bride is interested in building a career, support her. Tell your Cambodian bride (or girlfriend) that you understand how important it’s for her to have a career and to become independent. But if she is more interested in household and taking care of her husband and kids, support this decision as well.

Even though such traditions are frowned upon today, the family of your Cambodian bride will be evaluating you as they are very family-oriented. The topic of marriage is important and parents want their child to marry a good person. That’s why you will have to prove that you are a reliable husband for their daughter happy.

Expressing Affection In Public

Religion has a strong impact on the dating culture in Cambodia. As was mentioned, it is believed that a good Cambodian bride has to be modest, family-oriented and innocent. That’s why you shouldn’t even try kissing her in public even if you were kissing before somewhere in private. Not all people feel free to express themselves in public, but in Cambodia, it’s a tradition. You can kiss your bride somewhere where no one sees you, but not in public – you don’t want to make our bride uncomfortable.

Cambodian Mail Order Bride Sites

Family-oriented Cambodian girls for marriage are easily found on marriage agencies. When someone is registering an account on a dating platform, this person is family-oriented and ready for a potential marriage. It’s a lot safer to use such dating online platforms since you can get to know your potential bride and only then you can visit the country.

As travelers say, Cambodia is not a country where you would want to have a holiday with kids. It’s not dangerous, don’t get it wrong, but foreigners should be on alert while visiting this place. When you meet someone online, you establish a bond with this person, and then, when you visit the country, you have someone to visit. Your potential bride will tell you about places where you should and shouldn’t go, and how to act so you won’t insult anyone.

It’s completely different when you have someone to guide you, especially if this person is of your romantic interest. There are some websites where it’s easy to find a Cambodian bride. You can use a mainstream website to find a family-oriented Cambodian bride, but it’s going to be harder. If you want your search to be successful and resultative, you have to use a niche marriage agency. Choose the marriage agency that caters to the interests of Asian girlfriends who want to marry a Western man.

There are some marriage agencies that are safe to use where you can meet Cambodian brides. Below you will find a short description of each marriage agency.

Asian Feels

This international marriage agency is designed specifically for family-oriented brides living in Asia. Sometimes you can’t build a healthy or strong relationship with the representative of your own race or nationality, that’s why it is better to try other options. Asian Feels is a dating service where you can meet brides outside of your ethnicity. Asian Feels is the best marriage agency to meet a girlfriend from Cambodia.

You won’t face difficulties while using this marriage agency, it reminds you of a social network. But the difference is that you can use the advanced search. There is also a dating matchmaking system. It will offer you the most appropriate candidates from the available on the international dating site. This matchmaking system is precise. It won’t recommend your potential brides who don’t share your interests or simply who are not compatible with your personality. So stop wasting your time and find your future wife you this marriage agency.

Asia Charm

If you are looking for a Cambodian bride, this marriage agency will help. You may already understand that the online dating site is used by girlfriends from different Asian countries. But you still can find Cambodian brides because the site is very popular within Asian brides. You need to signup so that you can use an account to search for appropriate options who meet your preferences. The marriage agency is not free to use, it is paid, but it offers a plethora of different options.

The marriage agency is safe to use and before you even pay to contact the woman you consider to be interesting, you can view the profiles of members. Those dating profiles don’t consist only of pictures, they are detailed and contain all the information you need to. That way you can easily decide who you want to approach. The marriage agency exists for around ten years in the dating industry, it is 100% legit. You can be sure that you won’t meet scammers on this marriage agency because of the safety system that requires the scan of members’ IDs. You might see some fake profiles, but you won’t be bothered by them – they aren’t verified by the dating site and owners of such accounts aren’t able to contact you. Your future wife may be waiting for you on Asia Charm marriage agency.

Asian Melodies

This marriage agency works like a Cambodian wife finder. All you need to do is to create an account, upload real photos and to start looking for Cambodian wives. Ladies who use this matrimonial site are extremely active and polite. The conversations are pleasant. You can easily single out the woman who might become your bride and wife in the future.

The name of the marriage agency hints that it is used by members from different Asian countries, including Cambodia. If you are interested only in finding a bride from Cambodia, just indicate in your profile that your potential soulmate should be from this country. The matchmaking system will offer you only women who live or were born in Cambodia, and who share your interests or are compatible with your personality. Just create an account and meet your wife on Asian Melodies dating site.


If you are looking for a foreign mail-order bride, you should always gain a deeper insight into the culture. It’s not even about being polite, it’s about understanding the behavior of a woman. If you learn more about her background, it will be easier to date your girlfriend. The marriage agencies described above would help you to find a perfect Cambodian bride and eventually marry her.

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