AsianDate Review

AsianDate Review
Dating on online platforms is the most popular trend in the dating cultures of most of the countries. Due to such a method, it’s not that difficult to reach out to someone who is living on the other side of the planet Earth. Sometimes, people are even getting married after they meet online and the long-distance doesn’t seem to be the problem. And in this AsianDate review, you’ll learn everything needed about this site.

International dating and couples are not that uncommon these days. If you are interested in someone specific, your only task is to choose a dating app and to start looking for this person. That’s the way AsianDate is operating. According to millions of AsianDate reviews, this platform is created specifically for Asian singles to meet love and start healthy relationships, or for men and women who feel attracted to Asian culture and people. It’s an international dating website where you can filter users by different criteria.

This AsianDate review will cover several important topics, for instance, whether this site is useful, is it easy to exploit it and whether you can meet someone significant. It takes a while to figure out whether the site (and AsianDate is not an exception) is resultative, meaning that with its aid you can find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. That’s why some parts of this AsianDate dating website review are based on comments of real people.

Pros and Cons of AsianDate


  • A great pool of potential brides.
  • It has an easy design.
  • Lots of date-related features, such as digital gifts, etc.
  • The site is protected from hackers.
  • Live chat, web streams are allowed.
  • Free trial period to check out the features.


  • Only men can register.
  • Fake profiles.
  • Services are designed to “eat” your money.

About AsianDate

Any  AsianDate review says that when it comes to dating online platforms, there is a huge demand. People are willing to pay for using these sites with positive reviews, but only if they grant you valuable services. The most important thing when it comes to online dating is the main reason why people register – the efficiency of the website. And what about AsianDate? Is it worthy of your time, effort and money? The platform is not a free website, you have to pay to use basic features, even for reading your mail.

It’s very difficult to tell whether the site is efficient. But you can browse the reviews available on the Internet to get a further understanding of the platform. Make sure to check both positive reviews as well as negative reviews.

Easy to Use

The review should cover the topic of the interface of the site. According to users’ reviews, the website’s interface is pretty simple which is a benefit since you don’t have to spend time to find all needed options and how AsianDate even works. Most reviews notice that it reminds you of a social network where you can post your pictures and tell about yourself. But AsianDate is a lot more detailed, you can create profiles where you tell about your hobbies, what you want from life or partner, what are the things you will never tolerate, etc. It’s easier to find a total match that way. Keep reading the review to learn more.

AsianDate is meant mostly for men seeking Asian women and all reviews mention this fact. It’s a common thing when western men feel attracted to Asian females, and AsianDate allows you to use filters so that you can narrow the search. When you finally meet the person with whom you want to start a conversation, you can use different features to attract the attention of this lady. What is good about AsianDate is that it certainly does not have a lack of date-related features. It’s very easy to start a conversation on AsianDate, and all AsianDate reviews emphasize it.


But due to some dating site reviews found on the Internet, it seems that not everything is so simple and effective. Even personal observations on AsianDate result in numerous questions. AsianDate has significant disadvantages, and which all AsianDate reviews mention.

These disadvantages counter everything good about AsianDate. The first thing that is suspicious about AsianDate is that you can’t register as a woman. You can even try it right now, choose an option “Woman seeking a man” on AsianDate, and the registration form will be blocked. You simply won’t be able to enter your name, a mailbox, and a password. The AsianDate reviews note that by switch back to the option “Man seeking a woman” and you immediately will be allowed to create an account on AsianDate.

And here is a question the AsianDate review should cover – if you can’t create a profile if you are a lady, whose profiles you see on AsianDate? The only hope you have is that the website detects if you are from Asian countries, or if AsianDate is designed like a marriage agency. If that’s the case, then only verified women can register. Or if they detect from which country a woman is, then it’s also OK.

Does It Worth Your Time?

Fake profiles can be found on AsianDate, but that is not the main problem. The main problem is that the site doesn’t require membership when you pay for a month, three months, etc., and forget about payments. But this site has a credit system. The idea is good, but the implementation of this idea is bad.

According to millions of reviews, AsianDate will charge you for entering the chat with someone – and this is the thing that you have to pay for. Bad the bad thing is that if the person you are trying to contact has the webcam connected to the chat, you will be immediately charged even if you weren’t intending to use it. You won’t even be warned by a message that you are about to be charged for using this AsianDate feature, your credits will be immediately withdrawn and you will have to buy them again. Keep reading the AsianDate review to learn more.

One member’s review of states, that some AsianDate members won’t agree for months to use the live stream so they can see each other. The assumption of this user is that these AsianDate users have fake accounts and they are not those people that they claim to be.


The AsianDate review would have been incomplete without mentioning the registration process. If you are a guy seeking or an Asian woman, then you can register on this website. if you are a woman and you would love to start dating a Japanese, Korean, etc., guy, then forget about your dream marriage – you are not allowed to register here. It seems that AsianDate caters only to the interests of western men who are seeking Asian girlfriends. Keep reading the AsianDate review to get a further understanding of the site.

According to the reviews, you can create a profile only if you choose a “Man seeking for a woman” option. This is a very weird peculiarity of the AsianDate website, and most users have lots of questions considering this characteristic feature. But nevertheless, the signup process is simple and quick, just enter your name, email, and a mailbox address. Then click continue, and you can start browsing through profiles of beautiful and cute Asian females. Keep reading the review to learn more.

But before you feel too relaxed, enter your mailbox and check whether you’ve got the message from the system to verify your account. If you can’t find it in the regular mail, then check spam. Then click on the link, you will be redirected and your profile will be verified. The owners of the site claim in his review that all users have to verify their identities by sending a scan of the ID, but it’s not clear whether they verify only women, or men as well. Some review claim, they complete this process at all.

Search and Profiles Quality

It seems that it’s not significant to fulfill your profile since you will be receiving messages either way, even if you don’t post your photos. There is only one explanation our review could give to such a peculiarity – the messages are sent automatically by AsianDate bots, or these profiles are simply fake. It’s hard to believe that someone real will be interested in a profile with no picture or even basic information. Our review cannot disagree with such a fact.

Profiles of women on the dating site are looking great, and that’s the problem all reviews mention. Just pick a random profile and browse through the pictures – all of them are professional and look like they were made in a studio or by a professional photographer. Some review explains these ways – either the profiles are not real and AsianDate simply ordered these photos to create fake accounts, or women are being serious about this site and want to get married so they make professional photos.

Considering that women from the West can’t even register on AsianDate, the conclusion might be very pessimistic. But there is a slight chance that only Asian women can register.

Making Contact

As all reviews emphasize, you don’t even have to bother, on dating site AsianDate you will be bombarded by messages every once in a while. Whether you like it or not, but almost immediately after you create a basic profile, even without your photo or personal information, you will receive messages from Asian women. It can be that that way AsianDate website encourages you to stay here, to start paying since the community is active. But this feature might be annoying and it can ruin your experience with AsianDate and many reviews mention it.

On online dating site you can use a live chat function to start communicating with Asian women. But be careful with this feature since it charges you for every minute you spend in the chat. AsianDate reviews from real people claim that this function is almost designed to “eat” your money. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Response Rate

But these real users have a nice tip – don’t communicate with those who are slow while answering. If you see that the person replies only after a while, end the chat and find someone who is interested in finding the significant other. You can also use one similar function, live stream, but you will be charged for using this function. If you want to get even more details about the site, keep reading the review.

Sometimes you will be surprised to gain a response to messages you have never sent. Yes, the site has an automated system that might send automated messages to people who it considers to be a match. Sometimes your profile on AsianDate, as well as profiles of other people will be used that way. But it is considered to be an icebreaker function, and it’s quite good. Although, there are many negative reviews about the feature and our review would also rather consider it a bad thing.


Here’s the main question every review should cover: AsianDate – is it safe? Technically, it is safe since no one will steal your information due to the security system. But in reality, you will be receiving messages from bots or fake accounts on AsianDate. What is even more frustrating is that you can’t tell whether you are communicating with a real person, or whether it’s even a guy and not a pretty woman. The only tip our review would give- be careful and try to spend less, try out those free features that are available. Then decide whether you want to stay.


This online dating site review shows that AsianDate is not as reliable as you might have expected such a well-known site to be. Our review could give the maximum 7.4 stars out of 10, and still, you should think twice about using AsianDate after reading all those negative user reviews.

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